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New   Student   Registration

1.  Responsible Party Information
2.  Rider Information
3.  Lesson Payment, Cancellation, and Make-up Policy
  • Payment is due BEFORE your lesson. If you do not pay for a package at the first lesson, you will not get the discounted package rate.

  • All payments are non-refundable.

  • All Lesson packages must be used within 60 days. Exceptions may be made for serious injury or illness (with a doctor's note). Exceptions may be made for more than 8  "bad weather" cancellation days.

  • Cancellations must be made 12 hours before your lesson or you will be charged for your lesson.

  • Each student is allowed 3 emergency absences a year (student calls or emails in less than 12 hours).

  • 3 “No-call, No-shows” will result in removal from the lesson program and forfeit any remaining lessons.

  • Please call about your lesson if the temperature is less than 35 degrees or more than 95 degrees, storms are eminent or there are  high winds (>20 mph) as lessons may be cancelled.

  • Late arrivals will forfeit the missed time and cannot be made up.

3.  Dress Code
  • All students are required to dress appropriately for each lesson or the student will not be allowed to ride and the lesson will be counted as a "No call, No show".

  • Riders must wear closed toe shoes with an approximately 1" heel, preferably with a smooth sole (hiking boots are not suitable). No tennis shoes/sandals/flip-flops will be permitted. 

  • Tight fitting, full length pants are required such as breeches, tights, or jeans (preferably with some "stretch"). No shorts, or capri pants will be permitted. Pants with any studs or "bling" will also not be permitted as they may irritate the horse or scratch the saddle.

  • Don't wear anything baggy, flappy, or dangly. They may get caught  on something or spook the horse. It's also important for your instructor to be able to see your body shape during your lesson to help you work on your position.

  • Helmets are required at all times while mounted. We do have school helmets available for use, but students are strongly encouraged to purchase their own ASTM certified riding helmet to ensure a good fit to provide the best protection.

  • Riders with long hair will need to ensure that their hair is contained in a low ponytail, bun, or braid. Try to avoid wearing bulky accessories underneath your helmet.

  • Riding gloves are highly recommended (but not required.)

4.  Barn Rules for Students
  • Please make sure all the children under your care are supervised at all times; No running and/or shouting around the horses.

  • For everyone’s safety please leave your pets at home. 

  • No bare feet or sandals are allowed around the horses at any time BY ANYONE (rider or non-rider).

  • Smoking is permitted in your vehicle only.

  • Parents and/or family members are not allowed in the arena at any time without permission from your instructor.

  • Please silence your phones, and step away if you must answer important phone calls. 

  • Only student's and their parents are permitted to enter stalls or pastures with prior permission from your instructor.

  • Do not give horses treats without permission.

  • Clean up after you, your horse, family and friends.

  • All equipment must be returned to its proper place.

  • Do not mount without instructor’s permission.

  • No horses are to be mounted or ridden in the barn.

By submitting this form, you are acknowledging that the information submitted in this registration form is true and accurate to the best of your ability, and that you have read and understand all of Starline Stables' rules and regulations required to participate in our lesson program.

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