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Barn Rules

1.  Liability Waivers must be signed before anyone may handle or ride any horses. Anyone under (18) years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.


2.  All riders under (18) years of age must wear a helmet at all times. ANYONE using the jumps must wear an ASTM approved helmet. NO EXCEPTIONS! *It is also recommended that you wear your helmet while working in the barn area.

3.  Jumping is only allowed during instruction or with prior consent from SLS Management. (No you don’t have to ask every time before you jump!) This is for yours, the horses’, and other boarders’ safety as well as to minimize damage to the facility.

4.  Please notify the BARN OWNER of any necessary repairs, maintenance, problems, complaints or needed supplies via text message or email ASAP.

7.  Keep ALL gates closed and latched at all times.

8.  No pets without prior permission. Pets are not permitted in the arena while in use and permission may be revoked at any time. Dogs who bark excessively, act aggressive towards others, chase horses, barn cats etc., disturb or destroy the property of others will likely be asked to remain at home.

9.  Parents and visitors are welcome to observe students during their lesson outside the arena. Please control small children and keep them in sight at all times.

10.  Please do not park vehicles directly next to a fence, in front or behind the barn and arenas, within 10 feet of any gate, or in residential parking spaces. 

11.  Please notify the BARN OWNER of any necessary repairs, maintenance, problems, complaints or needed supplies via text message or email ASAP.

5.  Your horse must be secured at all times while not in their pasture.

6.  Do not tie horses to the stall fronts or partitions and avoid unnecessary loitering in the aisle-way with your horse. 


1.  Complaints regarding any barn policy, procedure, rule violations, or the conduct of other people, horses, and other animals must be brought to the attention of the BARN OWNER ONLY!

Code of Conduct

2.  DO NOT GOSSIP or talk unfavorably about other boarders, students, staff, or their friends/family. Stirring the pot is forbidden! Negative gossip at the barn should be limited to venting about your own spouses, children, animals, work, school, traffic, celebrities, and taxes! 

3.  Do not post pictures or videos containing other people or horses to social media without their permission.

4.  LABEL EVERYTHING! Fly spray, grooming supplies, fly masks, blankets, gloves, saddle pads, bridles etc. SLS is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.

5.  Please DO NOT feed or ride other horses or use another boarder’s or the barn’s supplies/tack  without their permission!

6.  Correspondence between SLS and the Boarder or Student is confidential.

7.  Do not give advice to another horse owner unless they ask for your opinion.

8.               BE POLITE! 

9.  No soliciting. Boarders/Students are welcome to put business cards and flyers on the bulletin board with prior permission from SLS, but soliciting individuals is prohibited.

10.  Please respect our PRIVACY and refrain from calling or texting after 8 pm or knocking on the doors of our home unless there is an emergency. Turn out, feed changes, supplements, or checking on your horse is not an emergency. Try email! . 

11.  Outside riding instructors and trainers permitted upon SLS approval and must provide proof of insurance.

12. Smoking is permitted in your vehicle only, unless given permission otherwise.

12. Actions such as stealing, use of narcotics, flagrant damage or destruction of stable property, abuse of animals, physical or verbal abuse of personnel or any other actions that are deemed detrimental will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate expulsion from the premises.

1.  Share the arena and use good Arena Etiquette.

Use of the Facilities

2.  Any cross ties located in the aisle-way are for vet and farrier use only.

3.  Any snacks, treats, supplements and medications MUST be stored in a SECURE container to avoid attracting other animals.


5.  Boarders and Students may use ANY EMPTY STALL to groom and tack horses if the wash rack is full. Please avoid using stalls that have grain and hay in them and you must clean up all hoof pickings, manure, grooming supplies and tack before and after riding.

10.  Please sweep and pick up manure, hoof pickings and hair in any cross tie area IMMEDIATELY. Not when you get done riding or after you put your horse and tack away. The area should always be cleaner than you found it.

11.  DO NOT FILL DIRTY WATER TROUGHS! We frequently let them get low so that we can clean them in an effort to minimize wasting water and creating more mud. If you feel inclined, please make sure they are clean before refilling. Thank you for your help!

12.  If you are the last person leaving the barn, please make sure to turn off ALL the lights and close tack room doors (check for dogs first!).

13.  Please do not feed your horse extra feed or hay unless you paid for extra. It is considered stealing!

6.  DO NOT feed horses in the wash rack.

7.  Please be mindful of others who need to use the wash rack. If the barn is busy, please remove your horse to dry and do not leave horses unattended in the wash rack for more than a few minutes.

8.  Do not leave pasture horses in stalls while you ride another horse or watch others ride. This uses up more shavings and electricity that pasture boarders don’t pay for.

9.  IF muck buckets in the wash rack are ¾ full, please grab an empty one to prevent them from becoming too heavy for staff to dump.

14.  Do not turn horses out in the arenas or round pen without consent of SLS Management. 

15.  Do not turn horses out anywhere but the pasture assigned to your horse unless you have permission from SLS Management.

16.  Damage to Stable property outside of normal wear and tear will be billed to the Boarder or Student or will be permitted to replace broken items when appropriate at the Barn Owner’s discretion.

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