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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of grain do you feed? How much grain is included?
    Basic Stall Boarding includes up to 6lbs of grain (12% protein 8 % fat) per day split between 2 feedings. Basic Pasture Boarding includes up to 4lbs of grain fed once daily. 1 feed bag every 6 months is included.
  • What if my horse needs to eat more grain?
    If you horse needs more grain to maintain his weight, it will cost an extra $12 per lb per month. For Example: If your horse needs 8lbs per day, it would be an extra $14 a month on top of your monthly board fee.
  • Will you feed supplements?
    SLS is happy to feed any supplement you purchase for your horse. However, please make sure your supplement is ready to feed. If you don’t have a SmartPaks, please combine your daily supplements into a ziplock bag to be fed (preferably a month’s worth at a time). If you combine supplements into baggies, you must keep the original supplement containers at home.
  • I don't like your grain. Can I supply my own?
    Yes. You may supply your own grain but there is no discount in price because storage is limited. You will need to bring enough to last 1 month.
  • What if my horse needs his grain soaked?
    Not a problem even if your horse is fed in a feed bag. If your horse needs a larger amount of soaked grain than what will fit in a regular feed bag, we use 3 gallon buckets attached to a halter..
  • I don't think my horse will like a feed bag (head shy, hard to catch, hard to fit, etc.). Can you feed him separately?"
    We will do almost anything you would like done for an additional cost. However, please give feed bags a chance. We feel VERY strongly about feeding pasture horses with feed bags because it ensures every horse gets the feed and supplements it needs with very minimal waste. It cuts down on aggression between heard mates and they are virtually hazard free (No your horse won’t drown if it tries to drink)! Feed bags can also help with head shyness and horses that may be difficult to catch. Most horses learn to love their feed bags very quickly! Feed bags were originally designed for calvary and carriage horses, so many of them are large enough or we can easily add an extension to the strap. They are also very adjustable for smaller horse heads.
  • How long do stalled horses get turned out for?
    Stall horses stay out unless it rains, tempature is below freezing and especially windy etc. We'll turn horses back out when the pasture is at least 80% dry.
  • Do you offer limited or no turn out?
    Only if medically necessary by vet recommedation and only on a temporary basis.
  • Do you offer strictly private or semi-private turn out options?
    Currently, we do not. Stall horses are typically turned out with 1- 3 other horses.
  • What if my horse doesn't get along with his herd mates?
    Please expect your horse to get minor cuts and scrapes with ANY new boarding arrangement. We try to turn horses out with other compatible herd mates and will try to do whatever we can to make sure they are comfortable.
  • How do you bed your stalls?
    Stall Boarding includes 6 bags of shavings a month. Additional bags may be purchased at $10 a bag. Please NOTE: Most horses don’t NEED “soft fluffy beds” with a ton of shavings. It’s bad for their respiratory system, it sucks the good moisture out of their hooves and is bad for the soil when they are dumped.They are also harder to clean and take longer to decompose which is why we charge an extra $10.00 per bag. We strip stalls on an "as needed" basis.
  • Can we request more water buckets for our horse's stall?
    All stalls have 2 buckets available for water. We will add additional buckets if your horse routinely drinks more..
  • Can other horses use my stall?
    Most stalls are equipped with cross ties that students or pasture boarders may use when the barn is busy and the wash rack is full for a short period of time. Everyone is required to clean up after their horse regardless if they are using the stall or wash rack.
  • Can I add an extra fan, heat lamp, heated bucket etc. to my horse's stall?"
    Yes. However, all fans must have enclosed motors and must be rated for indoor/outdoor use..
  • What kind of hay is available and how much of it do you feed?
    We feed bermuda (coastal} hay via square and round bales. Stall horses get fed 2-3 flakes twice daily while in their stalls. They also have access to covered round bales as needed seasonally. Pasture baorders have 24/7 access to round bales as needed seasonally.
  • Do you use slow feed hay nets?
    On round bales? Yes, but not always. For stall horses, we will use owner provided slow feed nets as long as they are the easy to load type. If you would like additional flakes fed to your horse when they are stalled, you may provide extra.
  • Do you feed alfalfa?
    No we do not supply alfalfa. You may bring your own alfalfa pellets/cubes to replace or supplement barn provided grain. We don't feed flakes due to limited storage for bales, keeping individual bales "separate" and additional feeding complications in a herd setting.
  • Is blanketing included in the board price?
    Yes. We will put on/take off ONE blanket within roughly a 24 hour period. Generally, we will blanket horses when temps get below freezing unless the owner requests something different. Please note that this is a general guideline. If it’s going to be 32 degrees for a whole 2 hours, than we’ll probably pass on blankeng so your horse isn’t sweating all night. We reserve the right to charge an extra fee or refuse this service if your horse is bad about blanketing. Multiple items or blankets are $1 each. For example: Your horse wears a lightweight stable blanket in his stall, but you'd like to add a medium weight blanket over top and a hood. It would cost $2 each time.
  • How do you handle wound care?
    If we notice a minor wound or scrape that has bled, we will clean it out and apply the appropriate ointment for free and let you know what we’ve done. Additional wound care is up to you! If it is a wound that requires extra care and you don’t provide this care, WE WILL AND CHARGE YOU FOR IT. If a wound needs cold hosing and wrapping I will contact the owner to come do it. If I’m unable to reach the owner, I will provide the cold hosing, bandaging, and bute if needed but will charge. If we notice a lameness or swelling Iwill notiffy you. If there is a major wound that needs immediate veterinary attention, I will call the vet first and then call you. If veterinary care may be needed, I will first notify the owner.
  • What if my pasture boarded horse needs stalls rest?
    We will make sure a stall is available for use and will charge the prorated difference plus an additional stall rest fee.
  • Do you give a multiple horse discount?
  • Do you give a discount for boarding minis?
    No. In fact, we charge double! Our facility isn't adequately set up to make boarding mini's efficient. They are hard on fences, blankets, tails and make feeding time a nightmare etc.

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