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Haul- In Guidelines
Please read the complete list of our
Haul-in Rules and Guidelines
before participating.
We MUST receive a copy of your horse's negative coggins beofre your horse gets off the trailer. You may email or text a copy to us.
EVERYONE must fill out and sign a liability waiver. You may include your family members on one form.
Riders under the age of 18 and anyone jumping is required to wear a helmet.
Maximum of 5 horses in the indoor arena at one time. You are guaranteed a spot using our online lesson scheduler.
Our Arena
Need to get out of the weather? Expose a green horse to a different facility? Need a place to host a clinic or club meeting? 
Our unique ClearSpan building by FarmTek offers a totally different experience than your traditional metal covered arena.
The white cover protects you from the elements while still providing tons of natural light.
The biggest advantage over a metal roof is the incredible temperature difference. Our cover reflects the sun making it up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer!
Much more quiet riding in the rain versus a plain metal roof.
Our indoor arena is a large regulation 20 x 60 meter
(66'x200') dressage arena with 5ft slanted kick walls and arena mirrors coming soon. There is also a large deck (with multiple electrical outlets for charging phones and tablets) for your family and friends' viewing pleasure. 
You are also welcome to use our 112' x 240' outdoor arena with jumps weather permitting.
We welcome all horse owners! However, our arenas are not the correct size for barrel racing and we do not allow "Cowboy Mounted Shooting" practice for spooking reasons; we are a boarding and lesson facility first and fore-most.
$15 per horse per hour
$10 per horse per hour for a group of 4 or more.
For Clinic and Meeting Prices, Please CONTACT US.

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